Solo Show!

Its an exciting and vulnerable moment. After half a year of focus and exploration, my paintings are up and ready to be viewed (some for the very first time)! I love and dread this part of the creative process. I have taken what is in my heart, and written it in color and shape. It is my inner journey and now its up for you to contemplate, glimpse, ignore, enjoy, snub, forget, or remember. I both deeply desire the responses of onlookers, and dread what others interpret. Its this tension that can hold me back, but this year my goal is to embrace it all!  I embrace the negative with the positive comments, to treasure them along with the compliments and joy! They are part of this experience that is life, and if I cannot fuel my art with both sides of life, then I will leave something terribly important out.


In my life the difficulties and sorrows have instilled in me a stronger need to grow and to truly enjoy the moments of glee and fun. Ive found that in nature this struggle is best portrayed, and its a beautiful one. The death of a tree creates the home and new birth of millions of creatures. The sun setting on a day ignites the most beautiful light display. The desolate winter is a perfect back drop to a colorful spring.

And so I share with you my art 🙂

Take from it what you can, good and bad, and please share them with me!

(If you cannot drop by and see them, I have created an online show for you.Amorphic Renderings  & Vernal Refractions)


show show2 show3 show4


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