I need your opinions

I have been focused on painting in a way that creates an experience for the viewer and hopefully an emotional change in that moment. My hope is to bring light and positive feelings into the viewer with the colors and brush strokes I have gathered together. I have been mimicking the shapes and colors from… Continue reading I need your opinions


Solo Show!

Its an exciting and vulnerable moment. After half a year of focus and exploration, my paintings are up and ready to be viewed (some for the very first time)! I love and dread this part of the creative process. I have taken what is in my heart, and written it in color and shape. It… Continue reading Solo Show!

Wind swept and sun kissed

The summer of 2012 My family took a trip to Crystal Beach, TX (just north or Galveston) and it was enchanting and more than relaxing! I made the mistake of somehow leaving any art supplies at home. By the end of the first day, I knew that I would not be satisfied with only taking… Continue reading Wind swept and sun kissed

Painting Live

I have had the pleasure of painting live, for several different events. It takes all of my focus and skill to do a painting in that short of a time, while in front of a crowd. Each one is like running a marathon, but always a great experience! Fundraiser to support TK Gormen Private High… Continue reading Painting Live

Organic Renderings

Experimentation! That is something I believe is important for an artist, just the same as a scientist. Figuring out what the different mediums will do, and manipulating them into your desired image. Summer of 2014 I did many small paintings, that were based on experimenting with watered down paint and different types of paint (shiny… Continue reading Organic Renderings

20 tiny Art cards

20 tiny watercolors, for an art swap I never attended back in 2013. I needed 30 to join the fun, and alas I waited till the last min.  I wanted to revisit them and share them with you all. I still have a few in my possession (on my inspiration shelf). I hid several around… Continue reading 20 tiny Art cards

Doughnut eating sharks, art, and Child Advocacy

My son Asher and I had the pleasure of being in an art show together! We both painted a painting specifically for it and also did a collaborative. It was so fun to come up with a theme, and plan out our colors and imagery together! I don't normally get a chance to give him… Continue reading Doughnut eating sharks, art, and Child Advocacy

Vineyard Adventure

My clever husband came up with a great date. It was the loveliest day, with perfect weather, and our son was with Ben's parents. So we decided to go find an adventure! We went to a local winery and did a tasting. I happened to have my painting travel bag in the car, and inspiration… Continue reading Vineyard Adventure

Living art, addictions to pottery, and captured inspiration. Just a few things that have found me this year.

This semester has tuned into quite the challenge, but SO rewarding! I'm in the thick of finals, but have a moment to take a step back, and share with you my newest creations. Pottery! I'm obsessed! There is just something about drinking out of something I made from scratch that makes me want to create… Continue reading Living art, addictions to pottery, and captured inspiration. Just a few things that have found me this year.

Birthday painting party! Horse painting in a dark to light technique.

I had the pleasure of being asked to teach a birthday painting party! The birthday boy was one of my AWESOME students from last year. He wanted something a little difficult (so he had a fun challenge, and man did he accept and concur that challenge too!) so I came up with a horse painting… Continue reading Birthday painting party! Horse painting in a dark to light technique.