Lisa Horlander is a mixed media artist whose installation work and shaped paintings explore spaces in between and within. She is interested in the contours between tree branches and transitional seasons as well as how nature shapes our community.

Horlander was recently a Cohort 2 studio artist with the Cedars Union in Dallas. She also participated in the prestigious Summer Residency Program at New York University in 2018 and has shown in exhibitions spanning the US. Recently her work was included in The Femme Abstract exhibition in Austin TX, her solo exhibition inBEtweens at the Janette Kennedy Gallery in Dallas, and with The Other Art Fair Dallas.

“I am constantly curious about the green spaces within cities, especially ones tucked away between pedestrian hubs. I explore these areas and document, with Plein-air sketches, what type of plants survive between homes or businesses, along with the surrounding architecture. These observations inform my paintings and sculptures which focus on bringing awareness to the spaces in between and within ecosystems and time.” -Lisa Horlander


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