Finding inspiration- Moss in Tyler

I have been searching for places that are filled with inspiration, to fuel my study of shapes and colors found in our experiences and nature.

15518_10153321693577719_7591654159490541307_nOne of my favorite places in town, is a lovely flower shop, Moss. Every nook is filled with lovely treasures to discover! The air is fragrant with happy flowers in lovely arrangements, and the ladies behind the counter are some of the warmest you can find.

11235386_10153321697427719_5291046346311078355_nIt was only natural to arrange for a panting day 😉

I sat in a cozy corner, and arranged my paint supplies, and tried to find something that truly jumped out at me. This was the hardest part, and I might have had to let myself get distracted for many moments.

10369577_10153321688407719_2818291545663548716_nI finally spotted a lovely flower, and was struck by its color against the shadowed wall behind it.



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