Finding time to look within

It is still an amazingly beautiful spring. Nature seems to have continued with its plans, but we all have found ourselves unsure about our future.

Without a doubt, we CAN look forward to a time of self-reflection and creativity.

Many of us have the time we never expected, to fulfill the ideas we have put off to the side. The unexpected opportunity to dive deep into creative ideas without interruption is here and I am not letting it slip by! I’m committing this time to art, like this is gifted time and not the calamity it is.

I have also discovered a deep need for interacting with people, anyone! I am not alone on this, many creatives are connecting online in all types of ways. 30-day challenges are popping up and online art clubs. We are connected instantly with our # and our posts! It is a crazy time but we are all in this weird world together.

I am excited to see the art that comes from this time!


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