Remixed Intuitions

[Remixed Intuitions] Our days are made up of interactions between objects and individuals. Each interaction entangles us into a never ending connection with the people and things around us. The multitude of these interactions, each little instance and each large web of moments, creates who we are now and who we will become. Sometimes these… Continue reading Remixed Intuitions


I hope my paintings can be an oasis

Wow what a semester and where has it gone?! What have I been up to (besides hogging the computer to research Bernini and Degenerate art till all hours of the night?) well take a look! I have continued my focus on capturing the feelings and experience I have encountered in nature, but have narrowed it… Continue reading I hope my paintings can be an oasis

Living Art-update-Summer 2015

Its been a few months since I finished my living art nest sculpture, and wanted to go check up on how it had transformed for the season. I was so thrilled with it's growth, and I cant wait to see how it looks in the Fall! It is also still an irresistible place for childlike… Continue reading Living Art-update-Summer 2015

Living art, addictions to pottery, and captured inspiration. Just a few things that have found me this year.

This semester has tuned into quite the challenge, but SO rewarding! I'm in the thick of finals, but have a moment to take a step back, and share with you my newest creations. Pottery! I'm obsessed! There is just something about drinking out of something I made from scratch that makes me want to create… Continue reading Living art, addictions to pottery, and captured inspiration. Just a few things that have found me this year.

A day in the life of an art student

I'm back in the grove of this college thing! Its exhausting.....but I'm invigorated creatively! Beginning Ceramics I am SO proud of this pile of pottery! It is my first time doing anything with clay (ok, despite play-doug or polymer clay back in the day) and let me tell you, it is quite tricky! You cannot… Continue reading A day in the life of an art student

Inspiration and Decisions

Where do ideas evolve into form? Ive been asking myself a lot of questions this past month, to figure this out. I have this small selection of thousands (yes litereally thousands!) of my photos Ive taken and a few photos others have taken. I am trying to decide which ones will become art. My big… Continue reading Inspiration and Decisions

Art out of a tree?

Just a tree behind UT Tyler's art  department right? Nope its my newest sculpture! I wanted to go BIG on my next nest sculptures, and had the vision of bending a tree to my will and weaving in the cut branches. I go permission and chose this lovely (overgrown) Sycamore tree. First things first. I… Continue reading Art out of a tree?