Living Art-update-Summer 2015

Its been a few months since I finished my living art nest sculpture, and wanted to go check up on how it had transformed for the season. I was so thrilled with it's growth, and I cant wait to see how it looks in the Fall! It is also still an irresistible place for childlike… Continue reading Living Art-update-Summer 2015


A day in the life of an art student

I'm back in the grove of this college thing! Its exhausting.....but I'm invigorated creatively! Beginning Ceramics I am SO proud of this pile of pottery! It is my first time doing anything with clay (ok, despite play-doug or polymer clay back in the day) and let me tell you, it is quite tricky! You cannot… Continue reading A day in the life of an art student

Art out of a tree?

Just a tree behind UT Tyler's art  department right? Nope its my newest sculpture! I wanted to go BIG on my next nest sculptures, and had the vision of bending a tree to my will and weaving in the cut branches. I go permission and chose this lovely (overgrown) Sycamore tree. First things first. I… Continue reading Art out of a tree?