I need your opinions

I have been focused on painting in a way that creates an experience for the viewer and hopefully an emotional change in that moment. My hope is to bring light and positive feelings into the viewer with the colors and brush strokes I have gathered together. I have been mimicking the shapes and colors from… Continue reading I need your opinions


Live painting at Random Art Gallery in Dallas TX

Whew what an event! I had the pleasure of being part of this art auction, but also the adventure of painting live during it! My handsome date (my husband) took some short Instagram videos of my process for you all to enjoy the experience. After a mini road trip, we set up and got pretty.… Continue reading Live painting at Random Art Gallery in Dallas TX

Amorphic Renderings

I have been busy at work this summer studying nature and experimenting with paint. I have come up with this new body of work, that will be debuted in a solo show, in my hometown. Hints of sunlight and glistening of waves. The caress of a warm breeze, and the relief of a cool splash… Continue reading Amorphic Renderings

Kisses from a Butterfly Effect (a painting to help find a cure!)

To be auctioned off at the Tyler Cattle Barrens Gala, to raise money for the American Cancer Society  Kisses from a Butterfly Effect 3 x 4 ft mixed media (acrylic paint, gold leaf, watercolor, and neon paint, on canvas) 2015 My focus and inspiration in my art is to capture the excitement and beauty of… Continue reading Kisses from a Butterfly Effect (a painting to help find a cure!)