20 tiny Art cards

20 tiny watercolors, for an art swap I never attended back in 2013. I needed 30 to join the fun, and alas I waited till the last min.  I wanted to revisit them and share them with you all. I still have a few in my possession (on my inspiration shelf). I hid several around… Continue reading 20 tiny Art cards


Updates and new products (yes and those Cat shirts are finally made!)

Where have I been? What have I been making? Why have I not said anything about all this in almost a month? Did I finally make those cat shirts? Well that is a story to tell, and a long one at that. Long story short, I decided (after several convincing life moments) to go back… Continue reading Updates and new products (yes and those Cat shirts are finally made!)

Cat shirts in the works

Ive been spending my free time working on getting these screens together, but its been slow going because of time. Ive only gotten my sketches together so far. I like to do things by hand, old fashioned, but it usually takes a lot of concentration and time. Its worth it!!! I love the look of… Continue reading Cat shirts in the works


Ok I will admit, I am more excited about making cat shirts than any painting this year! I wanted to buy one for myself, and realized I have 4 lovely unused screens, waiting to be used for a 'perfect' shirt idea. Light Bulb! I just am a crazy cat lady at heart and 47 away… Continue reading CAT SHIRTS!!!

New prints, t-shirts, and other fun items coming soon

I'm starting to stock up for the holiday time! I am getting some prints made of my best paintings, from Moo.com, and I am super excited to get some larger prints than the post card size I usually get. Moo has luxurious quality to their paper and image quality. I am going to be creating… Continue reading New prints, t-shirts, and other fun items coming soon