Opening Reception- “Home Bound”

We are excited to open our doors for the first time on May 28, from 5-8 pm for our first Open Studio Event as well as the Opening Reception for our first Pop-Up Exhibition “Home Bound” open May 28-July 1, 2022. 

Inbetween Studios is a shared artist space and micro gallery off of Downtown Tyler run by artists Lisa Horlander and Jessica Sanders. Both artists will have their newest artworks available to view.

The Micro Gallery will feature the series “Home Bound”, paintings of East Texas trees by Lisa Horlander. The series portrays the feral woods that grow in Horlander’s neighborhood despite the ever-growing urban growth that threatens their survival. The series opens up a conversation about urban growth and the diminishing Piney Woods, portraying trees that are broken but still thriving trapped in house and full moon shaped canvases. During the pandemic the series took on a new focus, finding similarities between these trees’ survival and our own.

401 E. Front Street, Suite 243, Tyler TX

For further information and directions, please contact Lisa Horlander at


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