Finding Space

Finding some space within, to grow…………

Longing to Connect-4x12 in-oil on canvas
Longing to Connect- 4x12x2 in-oil on gallery wrapped canvas- $110

…..that has been my focus the last few weeks.

I struggled against my anxiety and fear the first few weeks, but I started to find something familiar within those feelings. I realized they felt similar to playing hide and seek as a child. There is tension in not knowing when someone will find your amazing hiding spot and THAT is the fun part. It’s also lonely waiting for someone to find you, but that is also fun because you know at some point it will be your turn to go look for people. Maybe there could be something within the anxiety and fear that is normal and I’ve been looking at how I can use that to grow instead of resist.

This spring I was excited to finally have a space to jump onto the ideas I have had for the past few years and create the body of work that has been in my heart. I was halfway into building the work when “normal” shut down for the spring. I have to wait to build more shaped canvases or wood panels and I only have one at home to work on. I needed something to paint on and so I gave in to a nice sale online and compromised on nice gallery wrapped canvases. I experimented with cut paper and 3D forms, but the canvases called to be used. I’ve resisted rectangular shapes because I want my objects to be objects over being windows to a world. Ironically I found myself spending a lot of time looking out of my front windows. I started painting the trees across the street and around the block in these long skinny shapes which resemble the windows in my house. I am still figuring out how it all works together but I have been interested at how easily I’ve accepted these forms when I’ve resisted them for so long. Maybe I’m resisting what I need to accept.

Listening to my gut and finding that space to listen to how something makes me feel instead of resisting something new. That is what the isolation has taught me and I hope I can share that glimmer of insight in these small windows.

WorkingTogether-4x12 in-oil on canvas
Working Together -4×12 in-oil on canvas

I have prepared an online exhibit of my work for you!

Click on the pictures and it will take you to it, or find the link at the top in my tabs.

I cannot offer you a fancy drink or tasty snack, and so you will have to pour your self a drink of choice. Cheers! I have coffee in my hand and a big smile! Once this is all over it will be fun to talk in person. I would be delighted if you share my exhibit link on your social media. I know 2020 has been different, and it would mean a lot to me to hear from you! Email me about how you have found space to grow or just survive 🙂

Take care!


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