NYU Open Studio

What a summer!!

After 2 months of exploring NY, making new work, and meeting amazing people we celebrated with an open studio.
It was a huge hit! People started to show up before the start and stayed after it was over!

Everyone in the residency had strong work to show and it was exciting to meet everyone’s friends. I have a few friends from Tyler, whom now live in NY, that came and many of my new friends.

I tried to get pictures of everyone’s work, but it was so busy I never left my studio. I managed to get a Facebook Live video at the beginning and also a few other pictures from our critiques a few days before.


There is no way to put into words ALL I learned this summer, but I am forever changed and will always treasure this summer.



Hold you in my arms-oil on wood-5x7x1.5in
Hold You In My Arms-oil on wood-5x7x1.5in


img_4932oil on wood


by Aline Schwibbe
By Bryant Lebron
By Alexandria E. Laurenzano


performance by Qinza

by UTE
by UTE






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