Summer time travel

The summer is coming to a close and its time to start gearing up for the school year.

Its been a full summer of family adventures, opportunities, and precious rest. We did not get to go on any fancy vacations but we did get out of town several times for family events and here are there. I’ve carried my trusty watercolor sketch book with me everywhere to continue my documenting and capturing moments.

I let the quiet moments shine through instead of summing up each event. I found that in drawing these moments of rest and reflection, the entirety of the event changed in my mind. Those events are now in my memory as a great retreats full of relaxing with my family instead of the high energy  ones they actually were. This brought up some interesting questions. Does our memory of an event actually record the event as it was or as we want it to be? Can we change how we look at moments by focusing on only part of it? Its caused me to want to go research into how our memory actually works and test out this theory.


Medium: watercolor

Moment captured: Asher observing/stalking pigeons before we went to a few museums in Dallas


Medium: watercolor

Moment captured: Starting the day at the park before a busy day exploring Dallas


Medium: pen and ink on watercolor

Moment captured: My favorite spot to relax at school


Medium: watercolor

Moment captured: East Texas during a Cub Scout event


Medium: watercolor pencil

Moment captured: the drive home every day


Medium: watercolor

Moment captured: drinking beer in Dallas with my guys while a band played


Medium: pen and ink

Moment captured: in between the trees as they dance in the wind


Medium: pen and ink

Moment captured: storm clouds rolling in over the lake


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