Wine Swirl at Down Town Tyler

I had the pleasure of being one of the featured artist attractions during my city’s 2nd annual Win Swirl!
There were many wineries from the surrounding area, local restraints, and artist set up in venues for the guests to enjoy.
I painted live, and debuted my wine inspired series.

I managed to get a selfy and my husband took some videos of my live painting (I will post soon)

    It was a lovely evening!

And I even found some inspiration from KE Cellars!

Now for an event like this, there is a lot of prep work.

I painted a series specifically for the event and even decorated my dress to match.

I did have a moment of tragedy, but it turned into inspiration!

One of my paintings was damaged in the shuffle.

The night before the event, I was worrying about it and my clever husband had the idea to make it part of the painting by cutting away shapes. After I recovered form the inspiration explosion that occurred in my brain from his idea, I got right to it. I love how the cut outs allow the wall behind to peek though, and the added depth! I will have to play with this idea further!

Here are some close up of them all-

 and my furry studio friend


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