Painting Live

I have had the pleasure of painting live, for several different events.

It takes all of my focus and skill to do a painting in that short of a time, while in front of a crowd. Each one is like running a marathon, but always a great experience!

Fundraiser to support TK Gormen Private High School-

During the Auction, Spring 2014

(in 1 hour)


For Day Springs Methodist Church –

During Lent 2014

(in 2 hours)

IMG_7117IMG_7124(in 2 hours)

IMG_6924 IMG_7692

Advent 2013

(in 2 hours)


Open Mic 2014

(in 2 hours)


Solo Art Show @ Cafe Tazza-

Fall 2013

(in 30 min.)

IMG_3577(in 30 min.) IMG_3579


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