A sip of inspiration 

Our city is having its annual Wine Swirl Saturday June 27, and I will have a booth! The event is a fun one filled with local wine and fine dining.

I have been creating some new paintings, that are still focused on the shapes and colors in nature, but these are inspired by the swish and swirl of wine. Yeah,  I might have found inspiration  straight from my own glass;)
Here are some progress pictures:


This one is not wine colored, but inspired by liquid and the beauty of the light refracting in glass and water. And yes wine might have been found inspiring me LOL! Research….yes research 😀

A few layers in, I decided to have fun and scratch some doodles out of the paint. I use to do this a lot in older paintings and am glad to incorporate it again! This layer was needed, but it also threw me off  a lot. This happens a lot. I will get several layers into a painting, and then not know what to do next. It usually takes some kind of nature, song, or emotional inspiration to help me get on the next step. Finally! I found inspiration!

It was in the form of my mom playing hanging out with me in my studio, and playing away on my piano 🙂 She plays magic not music!  

Almost finished!

Only some touching up here and there over some of the green lines 🙂

Some little Sips o wine-

These small paintings are all focused on different types of wine, and will be named accordingly. It is fun to play around with a more specific area of focus, and analyze the colors, shapes, and movement of the light in these liquids!

I found that working on several small paintings at once, can allow me to put several layers on in only one sitting! So this is a first picture, but already 5 or 6 layers in.

IMG_8331Some details in gold really make it pop!

  My poor table didn’t know what hit it! But inspiration hit hard and I needed to work on ALL of them at once!   

Some Blush –

Yes I only have 5 days till the show, no that will not keep me from starting another large painting 😀 lol!!

This one I will start now, and finish at the event. Nothing like a live painting to make a show fun!


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