20 tiny Art cards

20 tiny watercolors, for an art swap I never attended back in 2013. I needed 30 to join the fun, and alas I waited till the last min.  I wanted to revisit them and share them with you all.

I still have a few in my possession (on my inspiration shelf). I hid several around book stores in my town (inside books), and showcased a couple in my Sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project, but now you can see them all together.

The big eyed girls, are based of a series of doodles I made that centered around not saying a word, but listening. I mainly had fun with hair and personalities that can be show with just eyes and hair.

The cat is our little white shadow, Constantine, and her multiple adorable moods. She follows my husband around and constantly does adorable things to get his attention. Its hard not to draw her 😉

sky haircloud hairpink hair

blue hair


red hair

blue hairband

brown hair

blue hair2

fox girl

spooked mow

pink mow

purple mow

purple2 mow


mow and mouse

aqua mow

dandylion mow

green mow

feather mow


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