Doughnut eating sharks, art, and Child Advocacy


My son Asher and I had the pleasure of being in an art show together!


We both painted a painting specifically for it and also did a collaborative. It was so fun to come up with a theme, and plan out our colors and imagery together! I don’t normally get a chance to give him a decent art lesson, but this was a great excuse and he was a great student (despite many breaks to be distracted by our cats)


photograph by Nora Schreiber
photograph by Nora Schreiber

Half of the proceeds went to support Child Advocacy, and Asher was privileged to donate since he sold his painting!


There were kids activities, many friends, and overall was an amazing time!

11329815_10153280348117719_5795887173134748400_nMermaid’s Song


mixed media

by Lisa Horlander



mixed media

Collaborative- Lisa and Asher Horlander

1610940_10153280377592719_8375454542811308733_nFrom the Depths


acrylic on canvas

by Asher Horlander

Here are more pictures of the FUN!

11357065_916632918398741_656827078938963266_o 11312907_916634701731896_2487415729247850115_o 11312634_916634645065235_2323946774157545017_o 11289389_916632728398760_3575490312436696257_o 11137116_10155617712590578_3818534711742811662_n 11270564_916633601732006_8051278048250653315_o 11118809_916632951732071_7036530770495215493_o 11101828_10205573436072059_4626293494485677046_n 11009190_916633018398731_4888838382075995460_o 10498346_916634721731894_3851044479919892932_o 1540443_916632815065418_3625148864572607744_o  11391465_10153310083197719_375150102655850360_n


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