Living art, addictions to pottery, and captured inspiration. Just a few things that have found me this year.

This semester has tuned into quite the challenge, but SO rewarding!

I’m in the thick of finals, but have a moment to take a step back, and share with you my newest creations.


I’m obsessed!

There is just something about drinking out of something I made from scratch that makes me want to create a entire new pantry of items. I also found myself in love with the Raku firing process. Every time we finished a firing it was like Christmas to find out how my pieces turned out! Never what I expected but always exciting.

I was able to make things that reminded me of something you would find in nature, and explore 3D shapes!

I’m addicted.


These are the batches I have finished so far. I have one last batch. In all I know there are more than 70 little pieces. I lost count.


These are some of my favorites 🙂


Ive had to dive deep into some of my habits in painting, and change them……its been hard.

My wonderful professor has been helping me do things differently and pull out all the stops to create some of the deepest and emotional paintings I have made. I know they might not look like an emotional journey, but I dealt with a lot of “why?”.  I found my reasons and embraced my optimistic view of the world.

I have been focusing on capturing the experience of nature. I was inspired by the light reflections in leaves and on water, of the movement of dancing branches and flying creatures, and the many colors that occur in the changing season of winter into spring. My paintings are not based directly form a picture or object I have seen, but rather the emotions and memory of those collective moments I have experienced. I have tried to capture that experience into an image, so I can share it with you.

11021118_997539790256249_2868970911162086446_n 10632876_10153169813967719_223482644133064433_n     11140272_10153169823867719_4314819948613938901_n1960077_10153169827597719_2071429038363162634_n2015 1124


I have finally finished my living nest (after 7 months!), and it just started growing leaves! Its been magical!I am so excited that my plan is starting to play out.

Its living art!

It is just now starting its own creation. I might have formed it but now it will take over the creation process.


If you are a nimble small human, it can still be a nice place to sit too!


I have been working on some other sculptures as well, but you will have to wait for me to finish them more. For now here is a hint


I will have a page for each (but only some of the pottery) once the semester is over and after I name them all.

Its been quite a journey, but its only the beginning! I’m excited to find out where I will be by this time next year!10516597_10153185975737719_7019789507459273151_n


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