A day in the life of an art student

I’m back in the grove of this college thing!

Its exhausting…..but I’m invigorated creatively!

Beginning Ceramics

10959426_10153009354087719_8423099719514437670_n 10690137_10153009351527719_4972831514325895486_n

I am SO proud of this pile of pottery! It is my first time doing anything with clay (ok, despite play-doug or polymer clay back in the day) and let me tell you, it is quite tricky! You cannot see my pile of messed up tries, but hey I’m on a roll now (yes pun intended)

Advanced Painting



Ive finished planning out my first 2 large paintings, and have started on them. Ive fallen back in love with oil paint and am quite excited to get to continue working!

Advanced Sculpture

10432479_10153009409122719_508110622866779382_n 10383973_10153009408117719_9185033484494315703_n

Im back into weaving nests in my sculpture class. I was smart this semester and prepared small balls of twine and yarn prior to going out and tackling my tree. They are in a lovely green basket and look like tiny nests! (its the small details!)


1374759_10153002567787719_3022709944886853984_n 10256998_10153002583517719_6621381549032457074_n

Ive also started some new small nests but they have evolved into big groupings of nest …………or something……I’m not sure yet where they are going but I like the lines 🙂



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