Inspiration and Decisions


Where do ideas evolve into form?

Ive been asking myself a lot of questions this past month, to figure this out. I have this small selection of thousands (yes litereally thousands!) of my photos Ive taken and a few photos others have taken. I am trying to decide which ones will become art. My big question is simple…..


Its making me nuts (more nuts)

I know for sure this top photo is making the cut! It is adventure and answers all my “Whys?”.

But the rest tie me up inside. Do I like it for the composition, the colors, the context, the persons in it, will someone else relate, does it put them in a moment, will they feel what I feel or close?

Yep nuts….I need some mental squirrels to keep them together and grow some mental trees 🙂


IMG_0948 IMG_3425 IMG_3329 IMG_3298 (2) IMG_3146 IMG_1912 IMG_1540 IMG_1351 IMG_3616 IMG_5758 IMG_6294 IMG_6534 IMG_6537 IMG_7364 10 391487_10151030076432719_1154906311_n 529416_10151029289887719_1282373921_n 1507902_10151847402086216_1688902321_n IMG_0263  IMG_1368 IMG_1648 IMG_1296 IMG_1129 IMG_0636 1373595_10151846762127719_183958109_n 397630_10151416204285429_1274304062_n 375259_10151389586565429_842321477_n IMG_3590 IMG_6364 10846299_10154897454795514_7819872695637274185_n


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