Spangled Sea Mermaid and other fun friends

I have been working on several things lately but one has been completely for personal relaxation and enjoyment. Ive been working of abstract paintings that have MANY  layers, and then I added a glimpse of the shoulders of a mermaid. I then add a wash of white around an area to let her hair be the abstract painting.

It is fun and whimsical!

10588842_10152576876372719_2079185807_n - Copy   10602927_10152577041362719_42832195_n - Copy

I love having just a little bit of skin, which is alluring and seductive, but not offensive to any family viewers (most of the art shows I participate in have restrictions since our town is a family oriented one) but also it could be a girl, a mermaid, fairy, or an alien….depends on the point of view.

In the end, they are all a self portrait, not of what I currently look like but of what my soul does 🙂

Give me a sea or space and I can relax amid the layers of life.


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