To eat or not to eat


My little family tends to find adventures, and I tend to like to document them with pictures. Lately I realized I was missing out on also drawing said adventures, and so now no one is safe from my creative eye.

This particular adventure was to an awesome hole in the wall breakfast joint, down the road from us. D’s coffee shop.

D’s has been around longer than I have lived in Tyler, and most likely longer than my years on this earth. I don’t believe it has ever had a makeover, but its all the better for it. The food is good and from an era before health food was popular, or coffee could be gourmet. The customers looked to be loyal and most since the dinner’s start. It is a piece of history and we were excited to find it!

Asher was absorbed in my phone, and I found that ironic since we were in a time capsule of a moment. I chose to capture the irony with a drawing. He turned out looking WAY to old (a common problem I encounter) but alas he most likely does look that old, and I just have mommy eyes. What can I say, he always will look 3 to me;)
I also took my fair share of pictures. I captured some yummy food, a pic of some patrons, and  a vintage bubble gum machine (and told Asher NOT to spend his quarter on it. I’m adventurous but dang they looked as old as the dispenser!) . I even managed to get a picture of my man, which rivaled the angry cat pictures 😉


IMG_3806 IMG_3824IMG_3801


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